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Lifestyle and Risk Factors in Hemorrhoidal Disease

Hemorrhoidal Disease is hypothesized to result from deterioration of the supporting connective tissue, prolapse of hemorrhoidal tissue, distention of hemorrhoidal arteriovenous anastomoses, or dilation of the veins of the internal hemorrhoidal plexus.

Constipation, a low fiber diet, a high Body Mass Index (BMI), pregnancy, and a sedentary lifestyle are often assumed to increase the risk of HD.

The association of high BMI and HD are controversial because HD in the obese is not directly and exclusively associated with one’s weight, but with intra-abdominal pressure, venous congestion, and chronic inflammation. The right indicator for measuring the health status of patients is rather the waist circumference instead of BMI.

Dietary fiber supplements pose as an effective treatment in non-prolapsing hemorrhoids, reducing the risk of persisting symptoms and bleeding by 50%. Nonetheless, it might require up to 6 weeks for a significant improvement.

Lifestyle modifications should also be advised to any patients with any degree of hemorrhoids. These changes include adequate fluid intake, regular exercise, improving anal hygiene, avoiding straining at stool, and, when necessary, integrating these with appropriate and tailored treatments such as Daflon 1000.

In order to positively affect the quality of life of patients with HD, it is important to analyze the above-mentioned risk factors, remembering that a good analysis starts from good listening.

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Source: Br J Community Nurs, 02/09/2021

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