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Hypertensive patient treated with Perindopril/Amlodipine/Indapamide in a single pill do not need additional treatments to achieve BP control​

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For the first time, this real clinical practice study provides long-term data showing the benefit of PERINDOPRIL+ INDAPAMIDE+AMLODIPINE single-pill combination (SPC) vs other combinations, providing: ​

• Better BP control, ​

• Better patient’s metabolic profile, ​

• Better target organ protection ​

Despite some study limitations, always observed in the real clinical practice cohorts, these new results demonstrated that SPC therapy with perindopril, indapamide, and amlodipine is an efficient, well tolerated and cardioprotective treatment for patients who need triple therapy.​

The Brisighella Heart Study, published in October 2021, confirmed the evidence from the previous large clinical trials showing the good metabolic effects of this combination and it’s better CV protection that is not always observed with other combinations with ARB or thiazide diuretics. In this study perindopril/amlodipine/indapamide SPC is associated with better plasma lipid and uric acid profiles than any other considered in this analysis and had better target organ protection than the ARB-based single pill combination. ​

Preserved better patient’s metabolic profile: ​

no impact on total cholesterol (increased in all other subgroups) ​

significant improvement on LDL-C and TG: lower values than in the control group (p<0.05), even if these parameters significantly increased in all subgroups ​

no age-related increase in total cholesterol levels​

no impact on uric acid (which increased only in the ACE-inhibitors/CCBs/Thiazide group). ​

Better long term target organ protection and lower major cardiovascular events ​

Patients did not develop any case of type 2 diabetes (while 4.4% and 4.3% of patients develop it in ACE-inhibitors/CCBs/Thiazide, ARBs/CCBs/Thiazide, respectively)​

Patients had lowest, 4.2% incidence of LVH: versus 8.4%, 6.9% and 9.8% in ACE-inhibitors/CCBs/Thiazide, ARBs/CCBs/Thiazide and in the control group respectively (all in patients without signs at the baseline)​

Patients had lowest 4.6% MACE incidence: vs 8.8% and 8.6% in ACE-inhibitors/CCBs/Thiazide, ARBs/CCBs/Thiazide respectively​

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