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HCTZ increased the risk of hyponatremia in women

Recent studies suggest that women are more susceptible to diuretic induced hyponatremia resulting in hospital admission than men.

This study confirmed that women had a statistically significantly higher risk (+300%) of a hospital admission associated with hyponatremia than men while using diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ).

More research is needed to understand the underlying mechanism of this sex difference. Further insight will help provide sex-specific treatment recommendations to prevent diuretic induced hyponatremia associated hospital admissions.

Perhaps the use of thiazide-like diuretics such as Indapamide would be a better choice in female patients because Indapamide is long-acting, metabolically neutral, and more potent than HCTZ at commonly prescribed doses.

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HARM-WRESTLING Een voorstel van de Expertgroep Medicatieveiligheid m.b.t. concrete interventies die de extramurale medicatieveiligheid op korte termijn kunnen verbeteren / HARM-WRESTLING A propsal from the expert group Medicationsafety regarding interventions that can improve in the short term the extramural medicationsafety. In: Ministry of Public Health WaS, editor. 2008; p. 48–49
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