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Find out more about Carvedilol + ivabradine, the perfect synergy to uptitrate HF treatment.​

Heart Failure is considered a global pandemic. A recent study confirms that Heart failure affects over 26 million people worldwide and the prevalence will increase with the ageing population. Despite the substantial advancements in therapies morbidity and mortality are still high and quality of life continues to be poor for these Heart failure patients. 1 Adherence to medication and optimization of standard care is a continued need in managing Heart Failure patients to reduce symptoms, hospitalization and death.2​

The Servier Heart Failure Franchise provides a solution in the management of all Heart failure patients. ESC 2021 guidelines outlines the needs to uptitrate to higher dose Bblocker, ACEI and control Heart Rate below 70bpm in order to reduce symptoms, hospitalization and death. Servier provides the trilogy of life in managing newly diagnosed Heart failure patients or Heart Failure patients already treated with a bblocker.3​

  CARIVALAN improves the NYHA class, exercise capacity and quality of life compared to those on carvedilol alone.4​

Compared to standard care alone, Carivalan reduces mortality risk, symptoms from Heart Failure and rehospitalization rates .5​

CARIVALAN the fix dose combination of Procoralan and Carvedilol provides better adherence.

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