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Agomelatine in GAD: MoA

Anxiety disorders are a diverse assemblage of conditions that have a serious and negative impact on quality of life. The most common class of anxiety disorder is GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), which unfortunately is becoming more prominent amid the current COVID pandemic.

GAD is generally treated through either cognitive-behavioural therapy or medication. However, widely used drugs like benzodiazepines and serotonin reuptake inhibitors have adverse effects.

Agomelatine exerts its anxiolytic actions by mechanisms clearly distinct from those of other agents currently employed for the management of GAD.

This review aims to shed light on agomelatine’s mechanism of action in treating GAD.

Agomelatine displays a novel and fundamentally different mechanism of anxiolytic action as compared to all other classes of medication used to treat GAD, this explains its therapeutic success and minimal adverse side effects.

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Barzilay R, Moore TM, Greenberg DM, et al. Resilience, COVID-19-related stress, anxiety and depression during the pandemic in a large population enriched for healthcare providers. Transl Psychiatry 2020; 10: 291. - PMC - PubMed

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