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Adherence is a big deal

A recent study published; Sept 2022 in the American College of Cardiology found that in 1,245 nonadherent patients experienced worsening of their health status 1. The authors stated that strategies to improve medication adherence is needed to improve health status outcomes, regardless of treatment strategy 1

Several International guidelines: namely ACC/AHA and ESC /ESH recommends single-pill combinations to improve adherence and reduce therapeutic inertia 2. The ACC/AHA recommends combination therapy for most patients and specifically Afro population 2. Single Pill Combinations improves medication adherence and clinical outcome parameter in patients suffering from diseases like hypertension and/or dyslipidemia and led to a better clinical outcome compared to free-combination treatment under conditions of daily practice 3. The STYLE study confirms, 89.6% of patients had minor to good adherence with single pill combination, all with significant improvements in patients’ quality of life when using combination of bisoprolol/perindopril 4.

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4. Boytsov S, Burtsev, Y. Effectiveness and Tolerability of the Single-Pill.
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