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2020 Real World Evidence study confirms effectiveness and safety on the use of Agomelatine in patients with Major Depressive Disorder

Non-interventional studies are a valuable source of evidence to complement traditional randomized clinical trials for evaluating antidepressants in a real-world setting. In 2020, Gorwood and colleagues published this real-life practice study aiming to document the use of Agomelatine in current medical practice and evaluate its effectiveness and safety. The study included 1,484 French adult outpatients diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder receiving Agomelatine 25-50 mg.

The analyses were done during the Agomelatine treatment period and after Agomelatine treatment had ceased releasing the following findings:

• 62.3% of patients choose to continue treatment with Agomelatine for at least 6 months and 28.8% for at least 1 year. • From baseline to last visit when receiving Agomelatine, mean HAM-D-17 total score and mean CGI-S scores decreased by 13.6±8.1 and 2.1±1.5 points respectively. • Rates of responders and remitters at the last visit were 90.7% and 56.0%, respectively. • The mean HAM-D total score still decreased after Agomelatine withdrawal until the last visit

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