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Triple single pill combination in uncontrolled hypertensive patients:​ practical applications.

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We should not be afraid to use combination treatments from the beginning" "We are doing more harm by doing step therapy, because time is wasted and the CV risk of the hypertensive patient is increased"

Hypertension is a disease that has multiple causes, therefore, it is impossible to think that with just one drug we will maintain control of the majority of our patients

We don't treat hypertension to lower a number, we treat hypertension to save lives. Hence the importance that treatment by reducing BP also translates into reducing the risk of possible events, if it has been shown.

This presentation focused on the need for triple therapy in patients with HBP that is difficult to control, not controlled with 2 drugs, as recommended by the hypertension guidelines. Rationale for ACE inhibitors, the ACE inhibitor with the most evidence – perindopril, rationale for indapamide. Better adherence, BP control, CV protection.

Ref: Dickerson C et al. Optimisation of antihypertensive treatment by crossover rotation of four major classes. Lancet. 1999; 353:2008–2013. Beevers G et al. ABC of hypertension: The pathophysiology of hypertension. BMJ. 2001; 322:912–916. Law MR et al. BMJ. 2003;326(7404):1427. Tòth K, on behalf of PIANIST Investigators. Am J cardiovasc Drugs. (2014) 14 : 137-145. Pall D, et al. Unpublished data. J Clin Med 2021,10,5921.
Background Vimeo Live Event

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