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Challenging Current Blood Pressure Control Rates from the ground up: Using a single pill combination (SPC)

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Dr. Edgar Illescas, Interventional Cardiologist from Guatemala City, emphasized the importance of achieving optimal control of blood pressure (BP) from diagnosis. He referred to the fact that, in Central America and the Caribbean only 20% control is achieved because of therapeutic inertia. 1

Most doctors currently use monotherapy as the main strategy to treat hypertensive patients. In many cases, at suboptimal and/or insufficient doses to address the different pathways in hypertension management. Therefore monotherapy, is considered one of the main causes of not achieving the BP target recommended by the guidelines. 2

The optimal control should be done to reduce blood pressure figures, but also to reduce the impact on endothelial function, protecting the patient from cardiovascular events. Today the guidelines direct us to use SPC from the beginning, preferably with a combination in a single tablet of an Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme inhibitor (ACEi) in association with a Calcium Channel Blocker (CCB).3

Newly diagnosed hypertensive patients benefit more from Coveram3.5/2.5, since it is much more effective and faster in reducing BP4 with superior cardio-metabolic protection (-19%)5, compared to ARB monotherapies.

1.Lukoye, Atwoli, Adullah H Baqui et la. Lancet Jorunal Vol 398 September 11, 2021 2. Cardiovascular risk factors and their effects on the decision to treat hypertension: evidence based review. Raj Padwal. BMJ 2001;322:977 3. Williams B, Mancia J Hypertens.2018;36(12):2284–309 4. Fleig V et al. Adv Ther. 2018;35:353-366 2 5. Poulter N et al. Am J Cardiovasc Drugs. 2019;19³:313-323
Background Vimeo Live Event

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