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A unique combination to optimize the treatment of CAD

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Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology, Leeds Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Science, University of Leeds, Personal Chair from 2001.

Consultant in Cardiology at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Lead for Yorkshire & Humber Research Network (Cardiovascular, Renal, Endocrine, Diabetes, Stroke)

Research Summary:

My main interests are focussed on the genetic basis and clinical consequences of premature acute coronary disease.

Having obtained a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology (drug therapy) I then performed a second period of research training in the field of Molecular Biology (genetics).

I have led a series of large clinical studies that include AIREX (Effect of ACE-inhibitor treatment after heart attack); EMMACE-1 (Assessment of patterns and quality of care of UK patients with heart attacks); British Heart Foundation Family Heart Study / MRC ADLIB Project / Wellcome Trust Case Control Study / GRACE Project (Strategic UK projects that address the genetic basis of CAD), EMMACE-2 (Evaluation of impact of new MI definitions and diagnostic tests), SPACE ROCKET Trial (Comparison of simvastatin 40mg and rosuvastatin 10mg in the treatment of acute coronary


I have a growing interest and expertise in the topic of cardiac biomarkers – particularly as they relate to acute coronary syndrome its evaluation and management.

I am fully clinically active (on-call rotas, inpatients, outpatients etc.) and seek to integrate my research with improving routine patient care.


Background Vimeo Live Event

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